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Sports Medicine

Dr. Anderson is certified in sports medicine in addition to family practice. He completed a year-long fellowship in sports medicine and passed a certification exam. During that fellowship he received extensive training in the treatment of athletes at all levels of competition, as well as exercise, physiology, nutrition and rehabilitation techniques. 

A large emphasis is placed on musculoskeletal medicine during the training, but additional time is spent on the cardiovascular system. Focus on populations with chronic illnesses and their participation in sports is also part of the fellowship. Knowledge of the specific injuries and requirements of each sport is also part of Sports Medicine training.

In addition, Dr. Anderson is an Osteopathic Physician and has extensive training in spinal manipulation. Dr. Anderson volunteers as a team physician for high schools and other sports teams.

Other modalities such as Sports Massage, Acupuncture, and Physical Therapy are integrated into the treatment of patients that have sustained injuries or have problematic issues.  

Sports medicine focuses on safely returning athletes to participation as quickly as possible. It also involves monitoring sporting events and the treatment of injuries on the field. Techniques are taught to increase performance through specific training and nutrition.








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